Our vision

Writing and publishing scholarly research work is vital for communicating with the wider research community. When considering publishing an article, several factors must be taken into account, including the journal's visibility, quality, cost, and publishing speed. Publishing in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals can complement intellectual professions such as teaching, clinical care, and industrial research.

Our journals are Diamond open access, meaning that authors do not need to pay any article processing charges (APCs) to publish their articles, and their papers are accessible to anyone worldwide for free on the Krispon website.

As a Diamond open access publisher, we offer several benefits to authors and the academic community, including freedom from financial barriers to publishing and impartial responsiveness to authors and readers. Our online library provides easy access to high-quality academic journals' networks. Publishing research outcomes in open access journals provides authors with excellent repute as the research community extensively explores such works compared to paywall-based journals. The significantly high access and utilization of knowledge and methods published in our journals will contribute to progress in every corner of the globe. We believe that high access, quality control, and speedy publication of our journals will provide high research impact and reputation to the authors of these journals within a limited time.

To ensure that all articles meet the high standards expected by the research community, we conduct rigorous peer-review evaluations to assess the novelty and technical correctness of each article. In many other journals, the time from submission to decision can take several months, which is frustrating for authors. However, our rigorous peer-review process is also rapid, with peer review and the first editorial decision typically completed within 3-5 weeks.