About the Journal

Abstracts of International Conferences and Meetings is a unique platform that offers a collection of peer-reviewed conference papers in an easily accessible format. Our platform is designed to help authors and conference organizers disseminate the latest data presented at conferences more effectively.

If you are an issue editor interested in publishing an abstract book for an international conference or meeting organized by your team, we invite you to complete the proposal form and send it to the managing editor of AICM. Once your proposal is accepted, you can invite conference presenters to submit manuscripts through our submission system. We highly recommend that you follow the guidelines of the journal carefully to ensure a smooth workflow and timely publication of the abstract book issue.

As an abstract book issue editor, your responsibilities will include inviting articles and providing instructions to authors, arranging a cover page, and front matter, and overseeing the peer-review process.

Inviting articles and providing instructions to authors:

Once your proposal is accepted by AICM's managing editor, you can provide a link to the journal homepage and submission system to conference presenters. You can also contact participants to inquire about their interest in submitting their manuscripts to AICM. At this point, you should provide them with the author guidelines and article templates to ensure consistency across submissions.

The cover page and front matter:

As a section editor or issue editor, you need to arrange a cover page according to the instructions of the managing editor and provide a preface outlining the overall content of the issue. Please refer to the Editor Guidelines for details on how to do this.

Peer-review process:

It is the responsibility of the section/issue editor to send the submitted abstracts for the preliminary peer-review process under the supervision of the full-time editor of AICM. AICM's technical editor will create a submission system for the issue and provide credentials to the section editor/special issue editor. AICM's editorial board will perform quality checks and additional peer-review upon receiving all the abstracts from the section editor/conference organizers.

We are committed to providing a high-quality platform that meets the needs of authors and conference organizers. Our goal is to help you disseminate your research findings effectively while maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity. Thank you for considering Abstracts of International Conferences and Meetings as your platform of choice.